Website Owners

TS-NicheWebs Niche Website Traffic COOP Network
Designed to promote Niche Websites of all kinds. Builds organic traffic, increases sales – includes a complete website income analysis report (reg. sold for $297), software creation / insertion, iKnowdle search engine featured listing and more.

Subscription: $39.95/monthly

TS-LocalSEO-IC Business COOP Promotion Package
– Requires Dedicated Independent Contractor

Dedicated Worker to Promote All Aspects of your Business – both online and offline. Builds an extensive network of promoters, social sharers and local-based networks. Development of local-based promoting network permanently in-housed with company. Easy expansion to other cities and regions.

WEEKLY PAYMENT: $99.95 with 12 months minimum contract

TS-FlipWebsite Pre-Sale Website Value Builder Package
Use this package a minimum of 6 months before you offer your site up for sale on, or anywhere else! Special FREE BONUS if you list it with exclusively!

This is a 6 module package with an expected minimum traffic boost of between 2,100 – 21,000 unique monthly visitors by the end of the build up period. Results depend on factors directly related to the quality of content on your site.* This will increase your website’s base value by $1,000 minimum.

PRICE: $19.95 / monthly for six (6) months

TS-Adult Adult Webmaster’s COOP Club
We all know that porn sells – now you can get into the money without having to get “dirty”! This is a hybrid program combining 3 different programs and platforms into one:, & Affiliate Multiplex.

Each program brings a unique blend of traffic and sales promotion, training and mentoring – guaranteed success! Additionally, you’ll receive branded software created to help you make money by selling the software online.

The software will also make money for you continually through it’s offers and content. Plus you’ll have exclusive affiliate rights to our proprietary content delivery system when launched which promises to be a great money maker – coming soon!

PRICE: $99.00 w/ monthly membership