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How to order Traffic Packages: You must order the package that “best suits your need”. If you need traffic that is going to sign up for something, then order a “Sign-Ups” package. If you are linking to CPA offers, then our CPA Traffic package is better for you. Websites that need visitors and general web promotion can either use the regular traffic by 5’s or use a specific Website Owners package. If you are looking for affiliates to sell your products, then look for affiliate and network building traffic packages. If you need a specific package designed exclusively for your business, then look for our enterprise packages and so on.

If you have a question before committing to any package, feel free to contact:

There is no quick, overnight, trash traffic here. All of our traffic products are derived from real natural and organic SEO efforts, including but not limited to, blog posting, comments, forum posting, Pinterest graphics, social sharing, tweeting and many other tasks by many associated promoters in our network.

Also, as part of your purchase, you will be required to commit to promoting your own account program which will be the heart of your success with our traffic system. Please allow 6 months (minimum time allowance) for your traffic package to gain optimal effect. You will get full program details upon purchase of your traffic package.

 Starting5 TRAFFIC BY THE 5s
These are Co-operative Programs ONLY – you agree to perform daily promotional tasks as described in your program packet after purchase. All Targeted Organic Traffic Products Require 6 Months to Mature – Please Purchase With That In Mind! Traffic Numbers Below Are Updated With Current Program Results Reported By Our Members!

ATTENTION GIG, TASK & CLASSIFIED Promoters: Gigs Must Be Posted On ONLY & Classified Ads on ONLY – We will NOT promote gigs on any other gig or classifieds website or task platform unless that website is a partner with us.

Simply copy your gig with a value-added twist on and then promote it here through our traffic system. Your gig will also get promoted in’s software and MLM affiliate networks! Why gig anywhere else?

­NOTE РWe recommend combining the One-Time pricing with a subscription because our promotions focus on organic methods which tend to increase traffic month to month but dwindles down after a while of discontinued promotion.

Organic traffic is your best source and converts the best, however, you must maintain this traffic in order to continue profitability or foster authoritative growth in your niche. Whichever be your goal, subscription traffic is your best option after a metered one-time order. By ordering the two together, we will open up a managed account for you which means that your account will receive periodic evaluations by our experts who will manually control aspects of your account in order that you receive your intended outcomes. Absolutely your best choice and something offered no where else – we stand behind our organic traffic methods.

One-time Pricing Monthly Traffic Maintained & Surpassing – Subscription

  • 30 – 300 uniques by 6th month @ $ 5/month
  • 90 – 900 uniques by 6th month @ $10/month
  • 270 – 2,700 uniques by 6th month @ $15/month
  • 810 – 8,100 uniques by 6th month @ $20/month
  • 2,400 – 24,000 uniques by 6th month @ $25/month
  • 7,290 – 72,900 uniques by 6th month @ $30/month

Choose Desired Monthly Traffic!

TS-TManager HIRE YOUR OWN TRAFFIC MANAGER – $5 per site / per week
Same as above except that our certified Traffic Manager will do everything for you – you don’t have to COOP participate or anything at all – just order this service and enjoy life – no work for you at all!

Multiple Sites By Five

Finally make classifieds pay off for you as much as any sales page does for any guru! This package generates massive promotion of your classified ad.

Choose between text or display ad (sales page format options w/design services available). Classifieds are also promoted throughout our software and MLM Affiliate Network in addition to Traffic Multiplex.

We can only accept classified ads on – no other classifieds site can be promoted unless part of our partner program. Standard classified rates apply when posting your ad.

One-time Pricing Monthly Traffic Maintained & Surpassing – Subscription

  • 30 – 300 uniques by 6th month @ $ 5/month
  • 90 – 900 uniques by 6th month @ $10/month
  • 270 – 2,700 uniques by 6th month @ $15/month
  • 810 – 8,100 uniques by 6th month @ $20/month
  • 2,400 – 24,000 uniques by 6th month @ $25/month
  • 7,290 – 72,900 uniques by 6th month @ $30/month

Choose Desired Monthly Traffic!

Cooperative promotion, promoted on our software titles, iKnowdle search engine, iKnowdle software titles, Socircial Keyword Club & IMProcircial membership included.

PRICE: $49.95 USD for each month

iKnowdle is our new search engine that is being developed while it is growing on line. By combining our Keyword Clubs with your order (read about the Clubs at: you will be able to gain the maximum effect of having your websites featured and promoted on the web – every website should get registered in this way and enjoy consistent virtual assistance in web promotion permanently installed with your website.

Our promoters will join you in promoting the engine while your related niche and keyword urls are populated throughout our engine. You don’t need to worry about Google page one because when our users search for your keywords, you will be featured because you have opted into our cooperative promotion system.

There is also a software component to this system which will place your urls prominently in the UI of the relative iKnowdle software titles. Order by keyword number.

This is a DUAL Membership – You will be enrolled in both the iKnowdle and Keyword Club system. You will be offered upgrades in order to complete or enhance your results with this package.

PRICE: $34.95 USD for each month

TS-CPACoop CPA COOP – Traffic & Resources Specifically Design For CPA Profits
You and others promote your offers – simple!

PRICE: $29.95 USD for each month

With this program you will build up a team of promoters that will take your T-shirt sales into orbit! We’re looking at a few thousand sales per month for starters. Want to sell T-Shirts massively? Then this exclusive membership is for you. One time fee with 12 months worth of team development and support.
Requires Facebook Account to participate in student projects.

PRICE $49.95 USD for each month

If your business focuses mainly on CPA offers, then this package is your cup of tea! Comes with a 1,000 link account ($50 value) and both a $25 & $50 traffic bundle – 2 programs with network wide promotion through added promotion package! This means extra views, clicks and promotional helpers!

PRICE $39.95 USD for each month

Bring awareness to your cause, events, business and products! This traffic builder program is designed for the faith market. Our team will prepare your programs aesthetically and materially relevant to your target market.
Now the faith community is reachable affordably!

PRICE: $24.95 / month

About Traffic Multiplex Products
A note about our services: because our system is completely fluid our links are all managed and controlled through Traffic Multiplex and an adrelink service platform. Links are instantly directed wherever we want throughout our Traffic system. We offer said services to our advertisers but also it ensures that only paid members benefit from our network and traffic building services. If any account goes unpaid or otherwise refunded, all links created by said campaign will automatically and immediately revert traffic and/or financial benefit to our network members and advertisers.