Software & Apps

TS-Wordpress WordPress Admin Plugin
Are your customers WordPress Admins? Where better to reach them than from right inside their admin area? Your links, videos, pdfs – even your whole membership or training site can be distributed and seen by the hundreds of thousands of WP admins!

Subscription Price $49.95 / month

TS-iKnowdle-Ebook iKnowdle eBook Seller Software Program
Get your eBook included in our super marketing software titles system. We distribute software and WordPress plugins which will feature related eBooks like yours using scrolling announcements, pop-up ads, in software navigation interstitials, video reviews inserted for our users network wide and additional placement on relevant searches in our iKnowdle search engine currently in development!

Subscription PRICE: $49.95 / month

TS-TrafficnRecruiting Traffic Multiplex Branded Software
Have your own software based Traffic, Recruiting System & Business all rolled into one! We’ll custom make your software that can make you money, recruit affiliates or network members, and get your links promoted organically all over the web! After you get your software, simply distribute or sell it. Watch as your business expands and sales come rolling in on auto-pilot!

Subscription PRICE: $395.00 / month