Gig, Tasking & eCommerce Platform Partnership Opportunity

Your gig, task and other member-based ecommerce platforms can partner with us allowing your members to enjoy the benefits of our traffic engine and helping build sales at your own platform seamlessly!

Your members can now get laser-targeted traffic to their gigs, tasks and e-shops virally increasing gig, task and product sales through your site directly. This increases your platform’s profits astronomically and builds member satisfaction and referrals to your platform.

You may use one or more of the following methods:
1 – Obtain 1 traffic generator account per member of your platform.
2 – Offer 1 account to high ranked sellers only.
3 – Charge a small recurring fee to your members for this exclusive service on your platform (cover your cost and make a profit).
4 – Obtain 1 traffic generator account per affiliate [Affiliate Program Builder Available – Contact Us].

$ 99.00 / month – Up to 100 members.
$ 299.00 / month – Up to 500 members.
$ 499.00 / month – Up to 1,000 members.

Choose Number of Accounts Desired: